Redeeming Rafe - Sloane Kennedy

What is it about Sloane Kennedy's books? I seem to plough through them with barely a break.

There is a pattern to them; it usually involves guys falling hard and extremely fast for each other - at least they have the lust part covered rather quickly. And that continues on throughout the books which generally have an insanely high level of steam. Which in this case is a good thing. These guys are all over each other. A lot. But I never get the feeling it's too much.

And then there is the pain. The Barretti boys - and all their loved ones - all seem to be broken or hurting in some way when we first meet them and although we luckily don't get to actually see the nasty stuff on page, Rafe telling his story in this book does not make for a sweet and fluffy read. Until he, of course, finds his HEA like his brothers before him.

Next one up soon. I may be addicted.