Great addition to the Isle of Wight universe

Island Counselor (Island Medics Book 2) - Sue Brown

Isle of Wight. What is it about that place? I have never been there, but between the two of them, Sue Brown and K.C. Wells have most definitely managed to get it on my list of places to visit.
Island Counselor is ties nicely into the whole Isle of Wight universe Sue Brown has built. Including plenty of page time for old friends - you really should do yourself the favor to read the Isle of Wight series first. Only then will you fully be able to understand the force of nature that is the Owens family. I loved seeing them again and although they played a large role, I never felt like they overshadowed the MCs of this story.
Logan Wilde has run away to the island after a nasty experience in London. He meets Nick Brent who is struggling to overcome an injury caused by a work accident. There is an instant attraction and the two broken men take turns being a shoulder to lean on for the other. And when more trouble comes along than they can handle, there is always the Owens family to fall back on.