Chosen by the Billionaire (Gay Romance Novel)

Chosen by the Billionaire (Gay Romance Novel) - E. Davies I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

A nice, comfortable, relaxing 3-star read. The kind of nice I need every now and then when I need a break from all the angst and tension you find in many other books.

There aren’t any surprises in this book, but based on the blurb I wasn’t really expecting any.

Sebastian is the bachelor in a dating show starting out with 20 hot men trying to win his heart. We follow the filming of the show and watch Sebastian send home one candidate after another.
At the same time his software company is in the final phase of finishing a new dating app. This was somewhat unrealistic IMO; a CEO would never leave his business for weeks to join a TV show right before the launch of a new product. In the book he is doing the dating show to advertise the dating app. I still don’t quite buy that, but ok.
As his personal assistant, Liam takes on a lot of responsibility at the company. We know very early on where this is going but I still like how the concept of the dating show served as a real countdown towards the inevitable. And the end is simply just sweet in the best possible way.
I did quite like the way Sebastian asks Liam to date him just minutes after making him jealous by making his final pick in the TV show..

Oh, and there are bonus points for names. Names are important! I have not had a Sebastian in any of my previous books and I am getting a bit tired of Noahs and Tylers ;-).