Playing to Win (Glasgow Lads Book 2)

Playing to Win - Avery Cockburn Admittedly, to me the Scottish referendum was something not relevant to me. Something happening far away. This book really made clear how important it was to the people there.
Colin and Andrew are on completely different ends of society. Colin and his family are poor, his mother ill and no meal is taken for granted. Andrew comes from money and aristocracy – title included.

While Colin is hoping – but considering the economy nowhere near certain – that his university degree will eventually lead to better times for him and his family, Andrew is practically being groomed for a political career with the Tories.
Their relationship develops in the time leading up to the Scottish referendum in 2014. The outcome is important to Andrew and his family and for his future political career. But for Colin, it’s his life. He has all his hopes and dreams riding on an independent Scotland.
The emotions concerting Scotland’s future came out really strong in this story and I spent most of the book unable to imagine how the author would manage to make this ok for everyone and keep Colin and Andrew together.
Well, it worked. So amazingly well. HEA at its best.