Red Dirt Heart 4

Red Dirt Heart 4 - N.R. Walker I’m with Travis on this one: Once you think you cannot love him any more than you already do, he gives you that smile and you melt just a little more.
I feel the same way about Charlie and Travis. I love seeing them together. The love they share. The way they truly have become everything to each other.
Not too important to the story as such, but I did miss the funny ‘chapter titles’ of the first books. They disappeared somewhere around book three, I believe. Quite a shame, I loved them in first books.

Also, there were kids popping up everywhere in this one. I know that most people consider children a great thing. Unfortunately something seems to have gone wrong in my genetic setup as I have nothing even remotely resembling just a hint of a maternal instinct. I don’t hate children. I just don’t really know what to do with them, so to speak. So in a book, they are usually just unnecessary filling for me.
It was sweet, though, to see Charlie through Travis’ eyes as he interacts with children and starts feeling so secure and settled he can start wish for a family of his own.

So this one was another 4-star read for me.

Except for the epilogue!
I have not included that in my rating. It ruined a lot, I’m afraid. It fast forwards almost twenty years after we just spent 4 books on something like three years. And it was not necessary. Things were just fine at the end of the last chapter.