The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles Book 2)

The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles Book 2) - River Jaymes Memphis Haines – stuntman and underwear model. Extremely hot and sexy as sin. And also the guy who walked out on Tyler ten years ago.
The two meet again in the context of charity work and the sparks are still there.

Obviously Memphis has some explaining to do if there is to be any hope for these guys and that is where this book goes wrong in my opinion. Memphis was an ass back then but somehow it is all twisted around and it becomes Tyler’s fault the guy left without a word? WTF?

Also, although I never doubted Memphis had feelings for Tyler, he made everything seem like he just wanted Tyler back for sex. As if the challenge of persuading Tyler was more important than the man himself. And he really used every means to get Tyler into bed. I found that quite sick at some point.

But the ending did save it somewhat for me – it was quite sweet :-)