Play It Again, Charlie

Play It Again, Charlie - R. Cooper So, Charlie. I want to smack him. Then I want to smack him again. And after that I want to smack him one more time.

Charlie is an ex-cop who had to leave his job after getting injured in a car accident. He is pushing forty and just hiding from the world in his own little miserable bubble of his appartment and his teaching job.

Then Will appears in his life. Will is younger, quite sparkling and he seems to take a liking to Charlie.
Charlie does not get what Will sees in him, and quite frankly - neither do I.
Because it would appear Charlie is completely incapable of speaking in complete sentences. I swear, it feels like he never finishes a sentence at all in this book. At least not when talking to Will. What goes on there does not deserve the label 'conversation'!
You know when you want to get someone's attention first because you want to ask or tell them something? You use their name. Charlie does that a lot. Only once he has addressed Will, nothing else comes out of his mouth. It's just "Will". And nothing more. He managed to do that three times in one page. Just "Will".

Charlie's family depends on him. He is used to having to be "The Man" and be strong for everyone. That puts a lot of pressure on him, I get that, but really? When your sister tries to get you to go to a dance class to 'meet people', do grow a pair and tell her to f.. off. I mean, a dance class? Hello? The guy cannot f... walk without a cane and is in constant pain?!

So what else does Charlie do when he is not having a 'non-conversation' with Will? Well a few times they actually have sex. And believe it or not, that really was hot.
But the rest of the time he was scowling and frowning. They did that All.The.Time! I counted:
- 59 incidents of 'scowling'
- 182 incidents of 'frowning'
No wonder this book had to be so long to get room for all those bad moods.

So no, I did not enjoy this book. It is a one-star rating for me with one star added for hot sex with a hint of daddy kink.