The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin - Thianna D. This book was just awesome.
Blake and Dusty meet online and start a D/s relationship. They use web cams but make sure not to show their faces to keep things anonymous.

After about six months, Dusty starts pushing for more. He wants to meet his boy in person and starts hinting at the possibility. But Blake doesn't feel ready.
He is struggling to live through the guilt that has accompanied him for more than two decades. At the worst of times it crumbles him and he is convinced no dom would really want someone like him once they find out the truth of what he has done.

Dusty learns the truth about Blake's past and the reason for burden of guilt he carries a short while before fate and coincidence bring them together at a family gathering.

About the family. Blake's family. That took some getting used to that his 'father' is only three years older than him and everyone seems to be in D/s relationships that everyone else knows about. They even share a playroom from time to time. Don't worry, no sharing of subs or anything incestous about it. I mean, Brian at only three years older is obviously not Blake's real da. Duh!
But it was a rather unusual family, I must say. But once I got over it not seeming very realistic, I just found it refreshing and went with it.

But what really made this book special - the good way - was the relationship between Blake and Dusty. They were friends, dom & sub and boyfriends all in one sweet package. There was no angst. Their relationship just developed nicely all the way through the book. We got both POVs which was great; I could literally feel Blake's need and desire to serve and belong to his Sir. And the way Dusty showed his love and care for his sub in everything he did was the perfect image of how I want my doms.

I loved the scenes they did - the turkey baste party was new for me. Definitely more creative than the basic bondage and whipping (Note: Just to be clear - absolutely nothing wrong with bondage and whippings. Definitely not. Nothing whatsoever. Nope, sir. Love those!) and very enjoyable.

It all ends on a high note with Blake's collaring. Not going into details here, but if you are as into possesiveness as I am, I am sure you will love this.

Now, I have to say this. There was something that made this book special in a not so good way. Probably the only thing preventing me from pulling out that last star. Editing. Or lack thereof. Way too many typos/messed up sentences. Those are annoying, but when the guys are in bed and Dusty gets inside Blake and later pulls out of Brent is just kinda gets confusing?!