Inherit the Sky

Inherit the Sky - Ariel Tachna, William James A fairly simple story; young, disillusioned American, Caine, quits his going-nowhere-job and moves to Australia to run the sheep station his mother just inherited from an uncle. The foreman, Macklin, is not just sexy as hell, he is also a typical closet case. (Apparently you just cannot be gay in the Outback if you want the men to respect you. That's just how it is!?)
Being the newcomer with absolutely no knowledge of sheep farming, Caine has to work hard to prove himself. Working closely with Macklin not only earns him his foreman's respect, the two men discover there is more than just a working relationship to be had. If only Macklin can be convinced being with Caine is worth coming out for because Caine refuses to hide.
Caine keeps pushing to get Macklin to take the plunge. Unsuccessfully. The insults Caine faces after having been outed to everyone on the station don't exactly help. It takes a near catastrophe for Macklin to get his priorities straight. The sweet HEA is well worth the wait.

I 'read' the audiobook version of this one and loved every minute of it. Awesome narration. I have no idea if William James is Australian but for a non-native speaker like me, he passes just fine.