Dance - Teodora Kostova 2nd read Nov. 2015:
I'm going to bump this one up to 5 stars after having listened to the audio. Not that the audio version was spectacular, but I really just love Jared and Fenix too much.

Original review from July 2014:
Jared and Fenix both have starring roles in a London West End theatre. When they meet, it’s love at first sight. Or at the very minimum lust at first sight. It gets very hot very quickly. And there are plenty steamy scenes throughout the book. Which I personally consider a good thing.

The ‘drama’ of the book centers on the topic of love vs. career and the MCs obviously don’t make the right choice every time. Still this was a fairly light read. At no point was I truly worried about not getting a HEA.

At this point I have to give a slight hint of a warning; if you have a problem with ‘sweet’, this might be too much for you in the end. I love sweet stories and happy endings and even I was beginning to wonder if maybe the author was laying it on a bit to thick. But – naah - not really. I loved it.

I have one complaint: The name! Fenix? Seriously? My brain was in auto-correct mode through the entire book. That was kind of annoying and totally unnecessary.