Tigers and Devils

Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy A wonderful kind of low-key love story.
Simon and Declan got together quite early on the story and their relationship developed from there.
The inevitable drama came from the two of them learning to navigate life in the public eye with Declan being a well-known professional football player. And as we all know - football players are simply not gay(!), so that was the cause of much stress.
This could have been a totally perfect book if it weren't for the extreme lack of communication. I stopped counting the number of times Declan just bailed when things got a bit rough. And by bailed, I mean total-communication-shutdown-disappearing-act! It was the cruelest thing the way he just shut Simon out. And the way they both (Simon included!) managed to make it look like it was Simon's fault, was the ultimate WTF moment for me?!

The book was quite long which made the pain phase, as I call it, where I as a reader just have to read on because there is no way I can stop in the middle of the hurt, very long as well.
However, the whole thing was also so captivating and engaging I actually almost enjoyed the suffering - also I was pretty sure the ending would be worth it. It was, and I will continue with the series.