Guarded - Cat Grant, L.A. Witt Jordan Kane and his band No Rules have made to rockstar fame playing stadium-sized live shows for thousands and thousands of fans. Jordan is under a lot of pressure from the record company and his manager to keep delivering the performance everyone expects from him in all aspects of life in the public eye.
But most of all he feels the strain of trying to protect his best friend and fellow band member from self-destructing on drugs. Daniel has been in and out of rehab several times already is currently spending yet another tour moving between the highs of whatever is his current drug-of-choice and depressed lows. And all Jordan can do is watch from the sideline and suffer through his own helplessness.

The two have known each other since childhood. But where Daniel has romantic feelings for Jordan, Jordan sees him more as a brother. A brother he will do just about anything for since Daniel was there for him years ago when he nearly lost himself to drugs and alcohol.

When the book starts, the band is on tour. No Rules are huge and since there is no telling what hysterical fans may be up to, Jordan has hired Jase as a personal bodyguard to accompany him.
The two get closer providing each other with some much needed stress relief; submitting to Jase helps Jordan unwind when the pressure gets to be too much.

Their sexual exploits turn into a real relationship, the D/s aspect taking up an increasingly large part of it. Jase insists on Jordan picking a safeword but other than that they keep it fairly informal; they talk in general about their needs and wants, but there is no contract. I liked that. It worked for them. As long as Jase checks first what Jordan is ok with before throwing him into a scene - like Jordan's first visit to a private BDSM party - there is no need to put everything down in writing.

Things are running fine until Daniel once again spirals out of control. This time he almost takes Jordan with him and the relationship between Jordan and Jase is crushed. Only the intervention of a good friend brings them back on track.

The ending? I saw it coming, but it was still written to perfection. Jase joining the band, going on tour with them and Jordan kissing him on stage in front of a huge audience is right down the alley of my inclination for romance and HEAs.