The Lonely Drop

The Lonely Drop - Vanessa North Well, this one did not work for me.

The blurb describes it pretty well. Nick is in love with Kevin. Allways has been. But Kevin’s a player apparently just looking for brief hookups.

When they meet again ten years after graduation nothing has changed so Nick makes it clear there can be nothing but friendship between them even though his feelings for Kevin are as strong as ever.
This was where I started getting a bit annoyed. Kevin is a bit of an ass and yet Nick is the one who ends up apologizing?

The airport closes during a snow storm and Kevin ends up staying with Nick. He makes a move again trying to convince Nick they could be good together if he would just give him one night to prove it. It is made very clear that Kevin is talking about just one night and will be leaving in the morning. Nick has no reason to believe otherwise and he knows he will be just another one night stand for the man he has loved most of his life. The very thing he has turned down all the time. Only this time he gives in? WTF?

I am sure their night of passion is well written and very hot but I felt nothing but uncomfortable the whole time watching Nick do something he did not really want to do. I kept thinking “Nick, what the fuck are you doing. You are going to get hurt.” – Kevin had done nothing yet to redeem himself, so I still didn’t like him at this point.

The ending was fine, but not perfect. Sure there is an HEA but to me it was tarnished; Kevin did not come back for Nick. He came back for a job.