The Locker Room

The Locker Room - Amy Lane, Sean Crisden What an amazingly beautiful love story. Xander and Christian first meet at the age of fourteen and quickly become best friends of the totally inseparable kind. Their relationship evolves over years as they explore and learn everything together from first kiss to being the next best thing to married. There is no relationship drama, no jealousy. Not once is there any doubt that they belong together and they both love deeply and trust completely.

They also play basketball and make it all the way to the pros. And as we all know, being openly gay in pro basketball is pretty much just not done. And this is where the pain comes in; the lengths these boys go to to keep their personal lives secret - it's just heartbreaking.

And then 'things happen' and Xander is really put through the wringer worrying about his man. The one he has known and loved since they first met years ago:
His vision was dark, pewter gray, like that first night, when the shining magic boy had played some ball with him, talked to him, joked with him, took him home, took his heart

And even during these painful times, as has been the case throughout their entire story, the immense love they have for each other seeps through every page until everything is finally right in the world. The ending was a bit abrupt but I am probably just nitpicking here.

Need I mention that Sean Crisden did a fantastic job with the narration?