Let Love Live

Let Love Live - Melissa  Collins, Sean Crisden, Marc Bachmann Up until now, I have never listened to an audiobook with more than one narrator. It worked ok and I guess this book was made for it in that the POV switches between the chapters. Mark Bachmann took a bit for me to get used to but worked out just fine and you can never really go wrong with Sean Crisden.

The story was well-written and everything flowed just nicely towards the happy ending I require for me to like a book. But I have a problem with the structure of the book: The prologue is one single huge spoiler so the reader spends the next 13 chapters knowing what will happen around the halfway mark. On the one hand that spoiled the first half for me a bit, on the other hand it took the sting out of the shock which would otherwise probably have made me scream in frustration.