Frog - Mary Calmes, K.C. Kelly This book was soooo romantic. I loved it.
There was no complex storyline. Just ex-bullrider Weber trying to work past his pride to allow him to build a life of happiness with Cyrus.

At the beginning, Weber is between jobs and has no real home so he stops by San Francisco to visit with Cy. It was just supposed to be for a day or two, but being the kind man he is, he cannot turn down Cy's sister who finds herself in a rather sudden predicament and needs someone to help out with her three sons.
During the weeks of Weber's stay, Cy works hard on trying to show him that it can be forever for them. Not an easy task since Weber fights him on it all the way, convinced he doesn't have anything to offer a man like Cy.

But eventually spending time with the kids, Cy's family and new friens, Weber comes to realize that maybe he really can create something new and find a place in Cy's world.

"Jesus, Weber, do you realize you sigh like you're coming home every time you kiss me?"

Like I said, the romance was turned way up. Weber and Cy were hot together in the bedroom and increadibly sweet outside. I loved their intimate moments and how both of them felt the same need for the other.