Return on Investment

Return on Investment - Aleksandr Voinov Not my cup of tea. The financial stuff didn't bother me too much and I did not find it boring or anything, but I still prefer just a tiny bit of a hint the MCs even like each other just a little bit. There was a lot of steamy sex in this one, but emotions? Close to zero. Unless, of course, you count greed, hate, hunger for power etc.
As the author points out in his comment at the end of the book, Francis is not much of a romantic character. He is still the only one of the main characters (I consider more than just two people 'main characters' in this one) I liked.
One good thing about this book: Thank you, Aleks Voinov, for almost making me grateful I am not filthy rich. With a normal income I don't have to involve myself with this kind of people.