Conscious Decisions of the Heart (More Heat Than The Sun Book 2)

Conscious Decisions of the Heart (More Heat Than The Sun Book 2) - John  Wiltshire What a ride. This one was a huge step up from the first one in the series. Love is a Stranger was good, sure, but I didn't quite get what the hype was about.
This one I really loved. It was an amazing action-packed ride. There was suspense, pain, angst and nail-biting moments. And as much as I wanted to sometimes, I guess I couldn't blame all problems on Nikolas (geez, that man can be annoying!).
No, a lot of them came from Ben being a totally gorgeous hunk and some women being crazy bitches (I shall reveal nothing more). And then, of course, there was Nature and sheer fate adding their two cents to the spectacle.

Through it all Nik and Ben still find time for each other. Yes, they get naked a lot in this book (not that they always bother taking all their clothes off) and we are talking heat of the kind where I guess I should be glad I am holding an e-reader and not a piece of highly flammable paper. When these guys are at it, they mean business; it's rough, raw and sweaty and it leaves bruises. My favorite kind.

At the same time they also grow closer emotionally, their relationship evolving in intensity and intimacy.

It all ends with a bit of breathing room and an HFN I am sure will send most readers directly towards book number three.