The Shattered Door

The Shattered Door - Brandon Witt This book had too many things that annoyed me too much to really want to give it four stars. The reason I still did is that the narration was great and at no point throughout the book did I want to stop listening. It still managed to pull me in and make me want to know what happened next.

To start off with the things I didn't like:
Religion. Not surprising to me, I'll admit - I really have no use for it and I simply don't get it. And since barely anyone in this book did anything without religion and God hovering over their every thought and action it got to be too much for me. Not to mention that, obviously, some of the characters were being downright evil in the name of Christianity.
I also very much disliked the level of masochism Brooke seemed to display. Seriously. Enough with 'turning the other cheek' and 'surely Mom must love me, I'm her son, after all'. Blood relation does not make a parent/family!
Last but not least something happened towards the end that to me felt like a completely unnecessary knife in the chest. There was no need for this. It was almost as if watching a contest of 'let's see how much Brooke can take'. That just annoyed me.

What I did like were all the amazing people who took Brooke and his husband in and treated them as a family is supposed to; loving, warm, and kind-hearted Maudra with no relatives left of her own, who gave Brooke and Jed a temporary home, and Sue who found her inner lionness and stood up for Brooke, her 'adopted' son, with a fierceness she had never shown before as the bigots finally pushed her past her limit.