Nothing Special

Nothing Special - A.E. Via I seem to have a thing for cops. Or probably any kind of law enforcement as long as they are of the badass-macho-alpha-with-sixpacks types.
And when these badass tough guys fall really hard for each other and get all possesive - like one guy pinning the other down growling "mine" - while calling each other baby and sweetheart, I have no resistance left. I love that stuff.
Which is why I enjoyed the hell out of this book. It was a fun ride, tons of sex and it was hot. So I managed to not be bothered too much by various IMO illogical parts of the book.

And what I certainly did not need was the MCs being "friends with benefits" with another couple. The first on-page foursome was hot - although totally not necessary for the story. Unfortunately it did not remain a one-time thing. Although there were no more scenes detailed out, it clearly became a regular thing between the two couples.. I could very much do without that.