(Watch Me) Body You (Run This Town Book 2)

(Watch Me) Body You (Run This Town Book 2) - Avril Ashton No idea what happened here. I've just been floating in 4 and 5 star books since I started my first Avril Ashton a short while back, but this one?

No, didn't feel it much. I loved Reggie but Is was just annoying. Practically surrounded buy other gang members and even leaders who have no problem with being seen with a guy, Is is completely in no-way-can-I-be-gay-let's-go-find-some-women mode. And there are a lot of women or mention of them. Waaay too many girl parts in this book even if it's not detailed out.

And there were too many errors as well. And not just typos either. My 'favorite' was the first time they get naked together. It's all rather raw and spontaneous and although Is has no experience, Reggie has three fingers in him in no time. Less than an hour later, they are ready for round two. And suddenly totally careful because Is is a butt virgin and the first finger just f.. hurts. WTF? These two scenes were just a few pages apart? Did no one read this before publishing?

I can overlook a lot if I like the story and the characters but I did not really like Is. I did not get him. And a few appearances from Dima and X were - however welcome - not enough to really save this one for me.