A Walk Through Fire

A Walk Through Fire - Felice Stevens I loved Felice Stevens' 'Rescued'. I'm a sucker for sweet.

So I started this one expecting more of the same and I was not disappointed. There was just love everywhere - it just took Drew and Ash a while to notice. They were dancing around each other not knowing how to move on to what they both wanted. And watching Ash fight the demons of his horrible past gave this book an extra layer of depth. It was painful to watch his fight and how he kept pushing Drew away.

Still, I enjoyed every single page just basking in the knowledge that I had another 5-star read in my hands. I had quite set myself up for another round of total sappiness.

And then 'it' happened (warning - major spoiler: she killed one of the good guys. Not an MC, but still. Not a nice thing to do to me!).

I don't know if authors sometimes do certain things just because they can. Or maybe it's just that sometimes life happens and it isn't always good. I realize it was all quite realistic and a certain part of my brain truly believes that the final pages after 'that' were very well done. But my heart still hurt all the way through those last pages. It did put more than a small stain on the happy ending, so that's one star off.