Elements of Retrofit (Thomas Elkin)

Elements of Retrofit (Thomas Elkin) - N.R. Walker This is an overall review for the whole Thomas Elkin series.
No point in reading those alone – it is really one story that is only really complete if you read them all. And you should, because they are brilliant. The last one being the best of them.

The storyline has Tom and Cooper meet and fall in love in the first book, solidifying their relationship while fighting unaccepting families in book number to and having everything fall into place in book number three. Which is probably why number three is my favorite. Tom and Cooper are so comfortable and relaxed in their relationship, and I love their banter. Cooper is funny, sassy and bratty:

"What the freakin’ hell are we doing in the social pages?"
"Well, I’m awesome, and you’re hot," he replied casually. "What’s not to love?"

Overall an amazingly sweet love story with just the right amount of issues and obstacles. And Tom’s proposal, when he finally made it, could not have been more perfect and romantic.