The Sum Of Everything

The Sum Of Everything - April Kelley A nice fairly short book that fit nicely in-between the more serious stuff I sometimes read. This one was just sweet and there was no real angst in it. Which, on the other hand, means it was not a wow-book. And there were things about it that bugged me.

Greg grew up in abusive surroundings with alcoholic parents. When it finally got to be too much, he escaped and was offered a job and a home on Travis's ranch.
About four years later Greg is still crushing on Brian, a friend of the ranch owners Travis and Jaron. We get the impression he's been watching Brian secretly from a distance and does not really know him. And yet very early after they begin to actually communicate, we get thoughts like
"Then Brian's face would pop into his mind and Greg knew he wanted a future with the sweet little accountant."

Now, Brian may be physically smaller, but still; Greg is twenty years old and Brian nearly thirty? That quote just does not fit that.

But, of course, they do get together - I loved how Brian made Greg work for it after he messed up and pushed Brian away.
But then one day Greg walks in on Brian sitting quite comfortably in the lap of a guy he's been seeing in the past for casual hookups. Seriously? What's up with that? Greg and Brian were definitely a couple at this point and although Brian might have shown some slutty behaviour in the past, we have learned nothing about his character that would make this kind of behaviour from him seem logical. Let's just say I was just as surprised as Greg was!

Any good things in this book? Absolutely. Apart from some 'oddities' as mentioned above, I loved Greg and Brian together. And Greg's way of making it up to Brian after he hurt him was - if maybe a bit clich├ęd - seriously romantic.
The book also had some amazing supporting characters. Travis and Jaron's son, Carter, standing out:
"Daddy's coming to go ride with me but he got distracted."
"Oh yeah?"
Carter scrunched his face up in disgust. "Papa started kissing him."
"I see where that might hold him up some," Greg tried to remain serious, not pulling it off very well.
"They do that all the time. My parents are so weird."

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.