Rules to Live By

Rules to Live By - Heidi Belleau, Lisa Henry, Anah Crow, Dianne Fox, Cari Z., Anna Zabo Cari Z - House Rules: 3*
I guess this one kind of falls into the category of domestic discipline which is way too rare (authors, please - need more!).
What I didn't like about this story, though, was the first part. Jon was alone at home so there wasn't much interaction between him and his partner Alistair. Of course, this gave Jon plenty of opportunity and time to break the rules leading up to a very nice punishment in the second half nothing like a bad boy getting his well-earned spanking.

Heidi Belleau and Lisa Henry - The Harder They Fall: 4*
Daddy kink with a dose of humiliation. Not too crazy about humiliation in BDSM myself but it fit here. And the brat deserved it!

Anah Crow and Dianne Fox - Master Key: 3*
Nothing wrong with this story as such. It's just that these authors have written a couple of my absolute favorites so my expectations were extremely high and weren't quite met.

Anna Zabo - CTRL Me: 4*
Tom and Gabe work together and have become good friends. Tom has wanted more for some time but is not quite sure Gabe is into guys.
Things change between them after a night out and things progress quickly from there.
This is my favorite story in this collection. I liked how their caring for each other shone through in every step as they took their relationship further. And some rope bondage has never hurt a story.