At Piper's Point

At Piper's Point - Ethan Day April 2016

Review update after listening to the audio version.

I read this book nearly two years ago and with the less than stellar performance of my memory, that almost makes this a new book for me. The only thing I remembered was some vague idea of some guys in a house on a beach. Looking at my old review, apparently I like it a lot and had plenty of fun reading it, but I didn't remember any of that.

So I was a little worried I started the audio and thought I was listening to Sam out of [b:The Lightning-Struck Heart|24468673|The Lightning-Struck Heart|T.J. Klune||44061547]. I think I spent 5 chapters working on convincing my brain that this was not Sam talking. I suppose that is the downside to having that beyond words perfect combination of book and narrator that is Michael Lesley reading funny T.J. Klune. It becomes very difficult to separate them because they fit so well. Aaaand, I may not be the fastest in turning my brain around once it gets stuck on something. But hey - I got there. Eventually. No more Sam.

In addition to my Sam issues, my early thoughts here were that the narration was too OTT for this book. That impression lasted until I really started paying attention and realized that no, it really wasn't. The snarky sarcasm I have come to know and love from Michael Lesley fit perfectly. I'm not sure I noticed that when reading it myself, but yeah, Cassidy and sarcasm go well together. I still couldn't help wondering if the author had intended such humorous and sarcastic tone to this book and I just missed it the first time around? Or if it only came out through the style of the narration. But really? Turns out I didn't give a damn what the author - I was having a ball listening to this.

I loved how the important characters each had their own voices - including the cliché flamboyant guy. Gotta have one of those and Ollie was awesome. And Natalie. I just loved Natalie, so I'll just put my favorite Natalie quote in here in a discussion with Cassidy who doesn't have anything nice to say about his father:
“Don’t be so hard on Lillian. She did what she thought was best for you. Lionel never wanted you to come here at all, you know. It was Lillian who insisted.”

“Why does that not surprise me? He’s a fucking sociopath.”

“You’re quite right, dear, but language.”
All-in-all this book is highly recommended and it is one of those where you should do yourself the favor and listen to the audio version because that makes it even better.

Audiobook provided by the narrator in exchange for an honest review


A wonderful light read. Summertime on a small island in a house on the beach. A house that throughout the story somehow went from housing just Cassidy on his first day back to sleeping seven hot guys after a beach party. Quite a shame I was not invited to that!
There were some sad moments with Cassidy thinking back to happy times with his beloved grandmother.
But there was also plenty of fun. At its best this was seriously laughing-my-ass-off-slapstick kind of fun.
And obviously there was really only one proper way this book could end. I am happy now☺