Manipulation (Diversion Book 4)

Manipulation (Diversion Book 4) - Eden Winters These just keep getting better. Manipulation is definitely the best so far in the series.
And the most angsty. Having to watch Bo being forced into a drug habit was just scary and so very painful.

Less of the sexy times and more of the chasing-bad-guys-crime-adventure with Bo deep undercover and the two of them having to deal with Lucky’s past that suddenly pops up in their faces.

And since there will apparently be a 5th book, we only get an HFN, but what a nice one it is:
Lucky picked up his phone and dialed the Realtor’s office, ignoring the trembling in his hands. This year he’d get Bo something for his birthday the man would never forget.
A home.

Oh, and I was quite happy to get an explanation regarding my complaint about that ring fight in Diversion: I knew something was wrong there ;-).