First - K.C. Wells Bartender Mike Scott, aka porn star of twenty years Scott Masters, and young student Tommy are a sweet combination.
Having grown up in a part of Georgia where the church and religion rule, he is the definition of innocence. He has never been to bars, never had alcohol and he has most certainly never watched porn. A stark contrast to his college roommate, the somewhat slutty Ben. I mean that in the nicest possible way - Ben is promiscuous but he is also an amazing friend to Tommy.

Mike is, I suppose, a genuinely nice guy who hasn't completely given up the hope of someday finding a partner to share his life with.
He is also a bastard and at one point so slow I just wanted to hit him: When after a couple of weeks with a new (and totally inexperienced) lover, a guy confirms to said lover that what they have is a relationship, yet still does not even mention the fact that he fucks other guys for money on camera, Cheating Bastard really is the only title he deserves.
And later - despite than one guy dumped him already over the porn - he needs a friend to tell him that maybe Tommy isn't too happy about it either seeing that he has been rather miserable and unhappy ever since he found out

Still, the way he is when he is with Tommy makes sure I didn't totally give up on him during the book. We get sweet, tender and gentle, and we get hot and steamy. Those two are a great match making me love the book despite my issues with parts of Mike's behaviour.

Besides, a HEA doesn't really stand out if there hasn't been any bad stuff or issues for the MCs to work through leading up to it. And the ending was insanely sweet. Might even be a little too sweet for some, but I am a total sap and I loved it.
And yes - by then I even loved Mike as well.

Overall I loved the contrast between the porn star who's seen it all and the young innocent college student who sees everything for the first time. There were also some amazing secondary characters in Ben's family and Mike's friends.