The Truth as He Knows It

The Truth as He Knows It - A.M. Arthur, Guy Locke I had to sit and stew for a few hours after finishing this one. I was in a rage towards the end. It is perfectly ok to end a book with the MCs getting their HEA. No need to add any more bad things after that unless it is needed to lead up to a sequel. That was not the case here. And Killing off secondary characters in what I expect to be essentially a romance noval is Just.Not.Cool!
So that cost a star. But only one. Because I really did enjoy this book as proven by the speed with which I plowed through this ten hour audiobook.
There was an instant connection between Shane and Noel which quickly turned into some very hot encounters. Both had some nasty experiences in their pasts. Shane shared these experiences with his brother Jason. The two have an incredibly strong bond between them being the only ones left in the family. They share a trailer for a home and both work hard to pay off huge debts. The experiences taught Shane to keep things close to the vest and he doesn't trust easily.
Noel's past troubles left him with scars on his chest and a best friend spending the days of his young life in an assisted-living facility.
It's mainly through those relationships - Shane with his brother and Noel with his friend Tristan - that the MCs get to shine. They are good guys. And if Shane makes some questionable choices like deciding that doing porn to pay off the debt is a brilliant idea it is because he truly is a good guy willing to do anything to help the brother wo sacrificed so much for Shane in the past.
I really did like these guys and I am looking forward to hopefully getting a glimpse of them in the next book when some of the secondary characters get their story.