For The Living

For The Living - L.A. Witt, Charlie David As much as I am aware that coming out gay in today's society is not necessarily a walk in the park, I am not too crazy about books where a guy just 'refuses to be gay' and marries a woman because it's expected. It's just not fair to her. This book did manage to describe Jay and his relationship with his wife in such a way that I didn't consider him a total asshole for marrying her.
After her death, Scott became first his friend and soon something more. They were good together, but it all took too long for them to end up in their happy place. There was just too much hemming and hawing on Jay's part and he kept running hot and cold with Scott depending on the level of his guilt. An ok story, but nothing more.
Charlie David, however, did not let me down with his narration. Totally awesome.