The Firefighter and the Pyro

The Firefighter and the Pyro - Nix Knox I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I never met a man like Derek. I know I never will again.

After a series of arson in Towering Pines, state arson investigator Zander Tam is sent to assist the local authorities.
Firefighter Derek Mercer has been crushing on Zander for a while and is more than happy to offer his assistance in the investigation.
After a bit of a misunderstanding and awkwardness the two men get closer.

The physical attraction is there from the beginning, but they need a lot of creativity to work around the fact that they are both tops. We got some smoky hot scenes with Derek and Zander role-playing and taking turns giving the other the chance to live out his fantasies. In Derek's case one he wasn't even aware he had ;-)
Overall their sexual encounters were a great mix of alpha male strength and insecurity over submitting and giving up control to someone else.

I found it refreshing how they both accepted it as they moved past the fuck buddy stage. There was no panic at discovering they had deeper feelings for one another as is so often the case in MM books. They just went with the flow and I really enjoyed watching their interactions. Plenty of funny banter but also very intimate moments. It was beautiful to watch how they both gave each other comfort, support and strength when the pressure of the outside world became too much.

Derek wasn't significant to the world. Or, hell, even to the men he'd worked with for over a decade, but to one man, he truly, deeply, and thoroughly mattered.

The level of suspense from the arson investigation was increased when the arsonist suddenly seems to target Derek and Zander directly. Inspite of having guessed who the bad guy was fairly early on I still enjoyed this storyline.
Of course, the good guys win in the end and get their HEA. Although they really do need to leave this town behind and move somewhere else!

On the downside, there were some gaps in the logic that annoyed me.
Example: "Wait." Derek picked up one of the photographs. "Who's this?"
"Alec Speer. He's another arson investigator."
Well, hello? Derek would know Alec. He just met him in the hospital, like, two days ago???