Chase the Stars

Chase the Stars - Ariel Tachna, William James I need to start off with a detour here due to my most recent reads:
I read a lot of BDSM-themed books. I like them. Well-written they are the perfect mix of a turn-on and stunningly beautiful.
They are also increadibly intense! I am usually physically and emotionally drained after reading a good BDSM book.

And that is where Lang Downs comes in. It's a place I come to relax. The stories so far are sweet, low on the drama and set against the backdrop of the Australian outback. Just perfect to get my nerves back in order.
And, of course, there are cowboys! Yeah, so call them Jackaroos for all I care, same thing and an added bonus to any book.

Chase the Stars is Chris and Jesse's story. Both new to Lang Downs they become instant friends evolving quickly to friends with benefits. As deeper feelings develop, things get difficult.
There are no outside forces messing with them. The only thing standing in their way are their own insecurities and Jesse's hang-ups. Having known the life of a gay man on various sheep stations in the outback he is afraid to believe he can truly have everything he has refused to let himself even dream of.

I love the Lang Downs family. I love how all the people we already know - primarily, of course, Caine and Macklin - are still involved and visible even when other characters have taken center stage.

And the narration in Chase the Stars was obviously every bit as brilliant as in the first one. I'll be diving straight into book no. 3.