Begging to Serve

Begging to Serve - Morticia Knight Is turbo-insta-love a thing? If so, I think I just encountered it in this book.
Now I don't have a problem with insta-love in my books, I usually find it quite romantic. But this was just much far too fast. But hey - if it's meant to be....
My biggest issue here was with the dialogue; Colin has spent the last months at Hampton Road watching Doms and subs interacting and enjoying the shows and demonstration. He knows he is a submissive but hasn't let himself participate in anything yet.
Roddy knows he likes to dominate his partner but is unaware that places exist where men are free to live out such desires. He ends up at Hampton Road, meets Colin and in absolutely know time it's like "let's play house. I'll be the Dominant and you can be my submissive". This is not an exact quote but that is how the dialogue came across to me much of the time. And when Roddy goes "Oh, you poor thing" I thought he might have been talking to an abandoned dog. It just felt off.
I still liked the book. I loved how once again the men at Hampton Road stand together to protect their own. I adored Colin and I loved how he was confident in his love for Roddy when everyone else seemed to doubt their relationship.
So - the weakest in the series so far, but still enjoyable.