A Weekend Unbound

A Weekend Unbound - S. Dora, A. Moore Phew, that was intense!
Derek and Tyler live together and switch into their roles as Dom and sub regular for just a scene. They want to take things a step further by staying in their roles non-stop for a whole weekend. There are no safewords to end a scene; Tyler can end it if he feels the need, but that would put a stop to the whole weekend and Sir would take back the collar he gave him to wear for the weekend.

The book follows them through every step of the weekend starting Friday evening. We get to follow every scene in the playroom in great detail as well as the more domestic aspects of the weekend when they take time to eat and rest before heading back to the playroom. There are no reprieves here for the reader, no breaks.
I was honestly not able to read this book in one go. I had to put it down and take a breather after each scene, it was that intense. I do not have the physical equipment Tyler has, but still, I almost felt his pain. Derek did not go easy on him. Love and respect were there all the way, though:
Tyler did this for him. Not just for anybody who called himself Master, but for his Derek, his lover and his Sir. A gift Derek had never asked for, but still a gift of terrible beauty.

The scenes in the playroom took up a lot of the pages in this book. But it was the bits in between that tied it all together and really showed that this is about more than sex and more than a Dom inflicting large doses of physical pain on his sub to push his boundaries or just because he can (I have to admit, I never quite manage to really ‘get’ the Dom when reading D/s). A lot of these more relaxed periods of time were described from Tyler’s POV showing his need to submit to Derek, letting us into his headspace.
These parts are beautiful. Tyler gets deeper and deeper into his submission, his need to please Sir gradually overtaking any other needs. I absolutely felt his desperation when he thought Derek would remove his collar after a minor act of disobedience.

The one thing that bothered me about the book was the rather rushed introduction describing how they met and got together. This part gave the impression of having been included just for the sake of completion. It could have done with a bit more ‘caring’. Or maybe even have been left out. I think that would have worked as well.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.