As You Are

As You Are - Ethan Day, Jason Frazier The story? Kind of thin, honestly. Julian has been pining for his roommate Danny for over a year and has finally decided to give up. At least his brain has. His heart and body still don't seem completely convinced, but after Danny acts like a total ass, Julian turns his attention to Andy.
The story is told from Julian's POV and spiced up with some amazing female charactes such as a totally awesome mother and and perfect best friend.

I have no real complaints about the book. There just wasn't too much of a storyline. Just two guys dancing around each other and their feelings. As in 'total failure to communicate', so what else is new.

What did make this a pretty cool read was the fact I listened to the audiobook. Definitely the best from Jason Frazier so far; from various females (including bitching cousin, loving mother and I-burned-the-chicken-sobbing-girlfriend) to nearly-in-tears-Julian he just nailed them all.