I Got You | A Gay Romance: A Boyfriend for Rent Book | Gay For You

I Got You  | A Gay Romance: A Boyfriend for Rent Book | Gay For You - Jamie Lake, Jeff   Rivera There was no gentle introduction or slow build-up to the story. It jumped right into the action leaving me with my heart in my throat through the first nasty violent scenes.
Not too many books have managed to shock me into sticking with the story immediately like I Got You did with that opening.

And I really liked the rest of the story as well. Once I got past my initial dislike of Benjamin. He was quite an asshole at first running hot and cold like he had some sort of internal switch going back and forth at random.
Luckily the switch finally decided to stay in the right place and he and Jake were good together.

There was a proper ending anyone who knows me knows that proper in my book equals HEA :-) even if the somewhat surprising extra twist was close to being too much.
My only regret is that - once again - the bad guys got off waaay to easy. I hate that. I know, violence is not the answer, turn the other cheek blah blah. I wish at least in my books justice would be served. And yes, for me that sometimes requires more than just a bloody nose.

And, finally, it has to be said: The editing. Or should I say lack thereof. Sigh! Such a shame to do this to a good story. Not to mention annoying.