Tigerland - Sean Kennedy Warning: This review may contain a bit more than traces of sarcasm!

This book frustrated me to no end for the first 60 percent. I.did.not.get.the.drama!

Declan and Simon are solid. They have been together for years. Over a year before they even met, Declan was involved with fellow AFL player Grey Heyward. Heyward was an ass and Declan broke it off. In the past. Way back. With no love lost between them.

Now Heyward is coming out and Declan, Simon and all their friends fall into a near panic. Simon and Dec especially worry that Heyward may tell the media he an Dec used to be together because that would just be totally horrible, scandalous and something to get completely worked up about, right? I mean the mere idea that a guy around thirty years of age actually might have had a boyfriend before his current one? How awful.
This pretty much took up nearly two thirds of the book; 'What is Heyward going to say in that press conference?', 'What are we going to do about it?', 'What if he mentions the relationship with Declan?' etc.
So yeah, for way over half the book I probably carried a puzzled look on my face wondering what everyone was on about and where the H... the problem was?

After that, Heyward geared up even further with his publicity and at that point I could agree that what he did was not good. So at least I wasn't completely lost during the last bit of the book.

This all sounds like I probably hated it. I mean not really getting the central plot/storyline doesn't bode well for one's enjoyment of a book, now does it?
But I did enjoy it. I 'read' the audio version and the narrator did very well in bringing out Simon's snark and sarcasm which is right down my alley and was amped up even more in this book compared to the first one.
In fact, I liked it so much it wasn't until afterwards I realized I cannot remember it having had a single sex scene? Which is unusual, because I usually prefer at least a bit of steam in my books, but I hadn't missed it.