Love Means... Endurance

Love Means... Endurance - Andrew  Grey Geoff and Eli’s story, which started out this series, is one of my favorite Andrew Grey stories. These two men share a love and connection that makes me all fuzzy inside.
After having been on the sideline throughout the other books in the series, the two of them now got one more story of their own. And while the deep love they share still shone through on every page, I could not really enjoy this book a whole lot. I want romance. I can deal with MCs going through tough times and fighting bad people along the way, but disease? That’s different; no one can control that and there is no one to blame. It’s just there and in this case just all-encompassing. There was love in this book for sure, but reading about Eli fighting the battle against cancer and the seemingly never-ending treatments that drained everything from his body was just not what I need in a romance novel.
For some readers, the final outcome and all the testaments to family and friendship along the way may be enough to make up for the depressing aspects, but it wasn’t quite enough for me.