A Bond of Three

A Bond of Three - K.C. Wells I’ve never felt the urge to read fantasy. Ever. I was just absolutely not interested.
I have also never been a big fan of menage stories. They walk such a delicate line. Especially when two guys are together for a long time and a third is added to the mix later on. I cannot really imagine an author pulling that off in a way that will make me accept that they do all three fall in love and that they work as a threesome.

So why would I even pick up a book like this?
For one, all my online friends were raving about it. (Not that I always agree with them, mind you, but it did make for a pretty strong pull).
But most of all - it's written by K.C. Wells who has yet to write something I don't like. (And as far as I know, I have read all her books).

What can I say? I read it, I loved it, I totally bought the menage thing.
It was just beautiful how what initially looked like a total disaster turned into deep love and a connection they all drew strength from.

Of course, they also spent a lot of time in the bedroom which I am never averse to. There is a risk of the mechanics of those scenes getting too complicated with more people in them and the reader ends up having to concentrate really hard trying to picture "which body part goes where exactly"? But it worked juuust fine. Boy did it ever. Those boys were hot - and obviously had the stamina of the young!

There is a little bit of drama/angst but it is all overcome by the goodness of our heroes and their supporters until all is well in the Kingdom of Teruna.

I still don't feel the urge to read fantasy again, though ;)