Defined By Deceit

Defined By Deceit - A.E. Via I first got acquainted with A.E. Via's writing through the Nothing Special series; hot law enforcement guys working cases involving bad guys (obviously!) with plenty of steam and overall touch of humor that makes them an easy and joyable read.

Defined by Deceit is nothing like that. This one hurt. Badly.

Llew is eighteen, a top student with more than one scholarship lined up to help him make his dream of becoming an architect come true. He and his brother have had some tough times but they are there for each other and things are looking good.
Until the moment when everything goes tits up. I could call this 'the injustice of life', but that would sound like 'it's the kind of thing that just happens' and that would be wrong. Because that would be like accepting something so very wrong. What happens to Llew should never happen to anyone.
And it didn't just happened by accident. It was definitely man-made.
I hurt for him. I wanted to kick the people that hurt him and I wanted to just hold him.

Llew gets through the first part of his ordeal and just when things start looking better, the pain is back. He will never be rid of his past.

And that is when he meets some amazing people. People who believe in him. First and foremost Shane, his new Boss.
They connect almost immediately. It does happen a bit fast but the two are great together.
"Do I make you feel like that when we make love? Like everything in the world is right."
Shane looked into his eyes, lightly caressing Llew's face with his fingertips. "Yes. You make me feel like that every day, not just when we make love."

Even at the end, I could personally not quite let go of my anger for what happened to Llew. Luckily he could, so the ending was everything I needed it to be.