Shelter - Ashley John Four visits to the rehab clinic and the first and only thing on Elias' mind as he leaves the place is when and how to get his next fix.
Because that is all he has and all he's ever had. Nothing else to fill his life. Nothing and no one. It was painful to watch him fight the pull of the drug when he kept arriving at the same conclusion that there really was nothing in his life that could serve as a reason for him to even try to stay clean.

Meeting Caden changed things. Caden had returned to the small town for a fresh start after his perfect New York life fell apart around him.
Caden believed in Elias when no one else would and managed to offer him the support he needed to wanting to be sober.

Their romance developed slowly, both of them unsure and hesitant to jump in and take a chance at love. But, of course, they did and it was well worth it.

I have one complaint about the story; the ending was too perfect. Yes, that was me saying that. Never thought that possible - I'm a sucker for sweet and sappy. I also probably tend to hold grudges and I did not appreciate how the nastiest person in the book was included in the happy ending. Some things just cannot/should not be forgiven.