Enduring Night

Enduring Night - John  Wiltshire Brilliant as always.
Nik and Ben, however, is something I have to be in the right mindset/mood for. These books are not the kind of sweet fluffyness I can read anytime, they require a certain emotional strength because they are unbelievably painful.
There is a certain pattern to many books in this genre which includes what I usually refer to as the 'pain phase' that the MCs have to go through before things are wrapped up nicely in the end. When it comes to the pain phase, I can deal quite well with the 'bad guys coming at the MCs with guns' kind. The emotional pain coming from within the relationship, where the MCs hurt and hurt each other is so much worse. Nik and Ben are true masters at this and it is so very hard and painful to get through each and every time.
Enduring Night was no exception. These guys can keep me up late and reading way into the night like no one else because I just have to get through the pain and make sure they come out ok. Which makes these books pretty much unputdownable (I never expected to actually find this word in a dictionary (non-native speaker, I have an excuse), but it seems to be a real word. Got it from Gaz Brookfield - great singer btw.).

Like the previous books in the series this one had it all - both the bad guys and the pain. But I still have cannot give that fifth star due to the topic you could say triggers the pain. It's not a topic I care to read about some may argue that they were quite nice people in this book - I still call them religious fanatics and I didn't really buy it with everything these guys have been through, I don't really see either of them buying into religion this way. And coming out of it again happened just as surprisingly fast. And the whole 'I'm not gay' (a topic we had already in one of the previous books) and 'gay sex is bad'? Those I don't get at all. I really do not see these two badass ex-special forces soldiers give a rat's ass about what others may consider wrong.

And one note of advice: If you ever need to speak to someone in a different language because there are people around you and you don't want them to understand what you are saying, if those people are Norwegian I do not recommend you choose Danish as your secret language...