Dom of Ages (Collars and Cuffs Book 7)

Dom of Ages (Collars and Cuffs Book 7) - K.C. Wells, Parker Williams They did it again; there is apparently no limit to the awesomeness of this series.

Dom of Ages is every bit as amazing as the previous books yet still quite different. In this genre we see doms with younger (sometimes a lot younger) subs all the time. The other way around? Not so much. And this is the first time I have come across that constellation where it actually works.

Jarod has been floundering for years after the sudden loss of his long-time dom and partner. Having lost his foundation and his entire purpose he spends all his time alone in the house they shared unable to let go and move on.
He has made a few attempts at going to a club and try to meet someone but Jarod is fifty and it appears the BDSM scene he knew has changed quite a bit. At least it has in the club he used to be familiar with - and it is not a change for the better. His latest visit there - forced upon him by his mother! - threatens to end in a total fiasco as none of the other guests or member seem to have any idea what to do with a true submissive like Jarod. None except Eli who hasn't been to the club for quite some time and has decided to give it another try.

Recently Eli has watched his best friend Ben find happiness with Scott and has heard the stories of all the other people at Collars & Cuffs who have paired up and he desperately wants a boy of his own.
When he walks into the club and sees Jarod, he knows instantly he has found what he's been looking for. The age difference is not a problem for him and the commonly used 'boy' is quickly replaced by 'pet' which is perfectly fine by me.

So - the two meet up and everything is just laughter and rainbows after that. Well, no. Not quite.
Eli is so caught up in the thought of having what he always wanted he completely forgets his duties as a dom. Luckily he has Ben to give him a much needed butt kicking. And when the big drama happens (drama sounds so negative but it's the only way I can think of to describe 'things happening' without going into spoilerish details) Eli really starts getting his act together.

Ben manages to convince Eli to have a closer look at Collars & Cuffs and both Eli and Jarod are more than taken with the place and welcomed with open arms.
This is where the really warm and fuzzy feelings kick in. Jarod merges seamlessly into the group of subs we have come to know and love from the previous books and with the realization that he not only has a new dom but a group of friends who care for him, Jarod starts living again. The club once again stands out as the safe haven for anyone needing one and meeting everyone again is like coming home.

The icing-on-the-cake-prize in this book has to go to Jarod's mother. Gotta love her. Her no-nonsense attitude as well as her knowledge and acceptance of her son's lifestyle aree refreshing and highly entertaining.