Spring Break at the Villa Hermes

Spring Break at the Villa Hermes - Xavier  Mayne I love Brandt & Donnelly. And I really would have loved to read a 4th book about them. But whereas officially this was the 4th book in the series, it was not actually a Brandt & Donnelly book. They were barely there and I missed them.
The story was nice. I can read and enjoy all those books out there with college-aged MCs but they are usually not my first choice. I prefer my men a bit older. Which is, of course, one reason I would have preferred more Brandt & Donnelly and a bit less insecure-trying-to-find-the-right-label bunch of college boys on spring break.
Still the boys did provide for plenty of diversity in terms of sexuality and I liked all of them.
So all in all a good book. Just don't understand why it has a place in the Brandt & Donnelly series.