Handcuffs and Spreader Bars

Handcuffs and Spreader Bars - Kim Dare My favorite so far of this series.
Alasdair Grant has had a bad experience with his so-called dom of an ex-lover who obviously couldn't have care less about Alasdair, the man, or the true gift of his submission. Having had no other relationship to compare this to, Alasdair was left with a completely messed up idea of what a D/s relationship looks like and is now more than hesitant to give in to another man.
Harland Rawlings recognizes the potential for something good between them and is more than eager to show Alasdair that even the submissive in the relationship is allowed to have expections and to experience pleasure.

The stories in this series are really short so there isn't much time for HEAs. Like the others, this one ends with a nice steamy scene and an HFN leaving me wishing Kim Dare would take something like this into a full-length novel. I'm sure it would be amazing.