The Millionaire Upstairs

The Millionaire Upstairs - M.J. O'Shea, Rusty Topsfield Sasha gets his dream job working for Harrison Kingsley and his sister at their fashion company. Sparks fly between Sasha and Harrison, but unfortunately Harrison is a jerk. No really, he is. To everyone. With Sasha he keeps running hot and cold throughout the whole book. Any by cold I don't mean just being arrogant or ignoring him. No, he is a total douche in the cruelest ways. The kind that really hurts. But since this is a romance, things have to get better. So I kept waiting for Harrison to reveal what nasty things happened to him, more about his background/childhood/upbringing, whatever - just to explain why he acted that way and that he really isn't that bad after all.
The "explanation" (yes the " are so needed here) came what felt like three pages from the end. It did in no way make it any clearer why he was such a douche. There was nothing there to explain it. And then it was just "you're forgiven". The end.
It was just what felt like five minutes of audio for a lame excuse and the kiss and make up part. No further explanation, no proper wrapping up of anything and no epilogue. It felt like a story written to fit an exact number of pages and suddenly the author ran out of page time to finish things properly. The only reason I didn't got down to two stars is that the ones I did rate that low where ones I hated even more.