Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears - Riley Hart, Sean Crisden

As much as I usually love everything I read by Riley Hart, this one was not quite up to the usual standard. Sure, it had great MCs; Landon, the hot bike-riding hunk and sexy eye liner-wearing Rod, and once they got together, everything was fine for me. The thing is, it took for-fu...-ever to get there. Not just did it take until I don't know how far into the book before they considered themselves 'together', even the no-strings-attached getting off together didn't happen for ages.
I am slowly getting really tired of reading about guys who just make a conscious decision that 'I am never going to have a relationship with anyone. Period." Then they meet someone they click with and connect with and they keep insisting they don't want it out of principle. I cannot take that anymore. You like the guy, there is absolutely no logic reason to resist being with him And no, the "I'm afraid I'll be as bad at is as my father" is not a valid argument!, so just f... go with it.
The very slow pace in the first half of the book almost made it a two stars only for me, but the ending was nice and I got to listen to Sean Crisden which is a plus on pretty much any audiobook.