Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux  - Abigail Roux Reread March 2015.

I can make this a very short review. This book?


Stars & Stripes was pure sweetness. Their relationship was solid and there was contentment all around. Touch & Geaux? Not so much. This is the one where it all goes to shit!
It is brutal. These two are not pulling any punches and they hurt each other the way only two people who really love each other can.

Painful is the only word that comes to mind. And we are talking excruciating pain here.


But they get through it (obviously - there are two more books after this one). And they come out stronger. The ending has a very optimistic vibe.

Until the very end, that is. When Ms. Roux strikes again.
This qualifies as a cliffhanger in my book. I usually hate those, yet this one is the most beautiful cliffhanger I have ever come across. I have never before read one that actually left a smile on my face. Still - you will probably want to have Ball & Chain at the ready when finishing this one.