One Real Thing

One Real Thing - Anah Crow, Dianne Fox I don’t do rereads. With several hundred books on my TBR I just don’t have the time. But I made an exception with this one when I got the audiobook as well as the ebook I had read earlier this year.

The audiobook just confirmed that this is one of my absolute favorite M/M books.

Having met in college, Holly and Nick go through years of their mostly separate lives before finding their way back to each other. Both taking turns at picking each other up as life deals them a few blows too many.

The blurb while being pretty accurate on the story as such remains very vague on what becomes a central part in the relationship between Holly and Nick. Submission.

I have read [b:Uneven|6467115|Uneven|Anah Crow||6657621] by the same authors, which is pretty hardcore on the S/M and D/s parts. And I loved it.
This one is completely different. There is an increadible sweetness and tenderness between Nick and Holly. Nick is not overly dominant and Holly’s submission is shown mostly in the little things. And it is utterly beautiful.

”I’m never taking it off,” he said rougly. “It reminds me that I promised to live by your rules. I keep it on because I want that.”

Nick felt like the luckiest man in the world.…
“You keep the ring,” he said. “I’ll keep you.”