Uneven - Anah Crow I am lost for words. This was such a powerful read. If you need your romance to be soft, tender and sweet this is probably not for you.

When Rase meets Gabriel he is no longer able to keep his desires locked up. He gives in to the need he has been carrying with him for the most of his life. The need to submit and the need for pain.
If you have read BDSM before, you will probably be used to a submissive thriving on some level of pain. Rase does too. He needs Gabriel to hurt him. As in really hurt him. We are talking blood here!
No playrooms with fancy toys here. Instead Rase gets backhand slaps to the face and a belt to his backside.

I loved to see how Rase, a big-business-money-everywhere-top-executive, craves the beatings. Needs them like the masochist he is. And I loved how Gabriel provides it only to take care of him afterwards with such sweet tenderness.
Although the focus was on the pain, Rase also needs to submit to Gabriel:

Rase couldn’t help leaning forward and licking the toe of one of Gabriel’s shoes.

It was so good to find his way back down this low

The romance really only comes in towards the end so I would have wished for the book to be just a bit longer and show a bit more of their relationship developing. But I still loved this book. My second 5* book from Anah Crow. I will be reading more from her.